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Cassava Dryer Machine

Cassava Dryer Machine

Cassava Dryer Machine is the continuous drying equipment. Industrial professional cassava mesh belt dryer can be used for drying various agricultural product and improve its economic value, increase exports, is high degree of automation drying equipment.

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Structure Of Cassava Dryer Machine

1. Feeding and discharging conveyor system

2. Drying hoist and panels

3. The electronic control system

4. Induced draft fan

5. Heating resource

Representative Material

Fruit: Longan, papaya tablets, apple, lemon, hawthorn pills, bananas, etc.

Medicinal Material: Industrial Hemp, Flos lonicerae, radix scutellariae, mulberries, forsythia, Chinese wolfberry, etc.

Vegetable: Onion, chili, leaves, garlic, ginger, mushroom, edible fungus etc.

Working Principle Of Cassava Dryer Machine

Cassava chips dryer is transported by the feeding conveyor to the inside of the dryer. The material passes from the first layer to the last layer via the conveyor belt, and the dried material is conveyed by the discharge conveyor. The cassava chip dryer hot air as the drying medium. The hot air passes through the material from the bottom to top. The final moisture comes out of the top of the cassava dryer, The drying machine not only rely on heat to dry, but also through the strong air. So it can increase the drying efficiency and reduce the drying time.

Cassava Dryer Machine is the continuous drying equipment. Industrial professional cassava mesh belt dryer can be used for drying various agricultural product and improve its economic value, increase exports, is high degree of automation continuous drying equipment used for mass-produce, meet the high-volume continuous production of drying the root, stem, leaf strips, blocks, plates, large granular and other vegetable materials, at the same time maximize the retention of nutrients and color products and so on. It has the advantages of fast drying speed,high evaporation intensity and best product quality.

Dried cassava is mainly used for extracting cassava starch, making cassava flour, feed animal and making alcohol.

Drying Tips:

In order get the best drying effect and efficient , keep the cassava slice at 5-6mm.

Fresh cassava chip :60%-70% . After drying 12%.

Fuel : natural gas , diesel ,electric ,wood chip steam etc.

Features Of Cassava Drying Machine

1.High Efficiency

In general, it takes about 2 days for natural drying and 6-8hours for drying oven. However the cassava drying machine works continuously and only requires greatly shorten the drying time and increase the capacity.

2.Large Air Flow

Simulating the natural drying principle ,the continuous cassava dryer provide proper temperature and large air flow of 40,000m3 with 1200,000 kcal thermal energy.

3.Labor Saving

Equipped with automatic feeding and discharge system, the cassava chip dryer only need 1-2 operators for the entire process.

4.Uniform Drying

Feeding conveyor is mounted with a distributing device, According to the material properties , customers can adjust the height of device, thus adjusting the thickness of material. The maximum material thickness can be 8-10cm.

For our drying machine not only according to heat to dry, but also according to strong air.

Different appearance material and heat source for your choice

Industrial professional cassava mesh belt dryer have different appearance material and heat source, you can choose the most suitable one.

As for the appearance, we have polyurethane panel, gray paint panel, blue paint panel, stainless steel panel, and color steel tile panel or as customized.

As for the heat source, according to your different fuel use, we can produce the corresponding heat source device.

Technical Parameter Of Cassava Chips Dryer Machine

Model(Width*Length) ZD1.5-6-4 ZD2-8-4 ZD2-9-4 ZD2-10-4 ZD2-12-4
Layers 4
Drying area(m²) 29 45 51 57 69
Spread thickness of material(mm) 50-200
Working temperature(oC) 0-120
Drying time(hour) 0.1-5
heat exchange furnace(M) 3.2*1*2.7 3.9*1.26*3 3.9*1.26*3 4.7*1.5*3 4.7*1.5*3
Induced draft fan(kw) 11 15 15 22 22
Exhaust fan(kw) 1.5 2.2
Feeding conveyor(kw)     1.5             2.2     2.2     2.2      3
Discharge conveyor(kw) 0.55
Total power(kw) 14.55 19.25 19.95 26.95 27.75
LP gas consumption (90 degree fanrenheit) 20m³/H 25m³/H 28m³/H 30m³/H 36m³/h
Electricity consumption 25kwh 30kwh 35kwh 40kwh 45kwh
Place requirement (W*L*H)M 4.5*14*2.7 5*19*2.8 4.5*20*2.8 5.5*21*2.8 5.5*23*2.8

The above parameters are for reference, we can according to customer required provide best solution.

Cassava Dryer Machine Price

The favorable price to provide you with quality services

Specific price is determined by many factors, such as Cassava Dryer Machine types, models, etc.

You can tell us your raw material and the moisture content of the raw material. We will recommend the appropriate model according to your information.